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Top 6 States Where Real Estate Agents Earn the Most Money

Top 6 States Where Real Estate Agents Earn the Most Money

If you are a real estate agent working in the United States, the place of your residence can have a considerable impact on how much money you make. Let us take a look at the top 6 states where real estate agents make the most profits and try to understand the reasons for these income opportunities.

Top 6 States Where Real Estate Agents Earn the Most Money

New York – $102,000+

It is not surprising that New York real estate agents earn the most money. New York City has some of the country’s most expensive real estate. Even if you manage to get a small piece of this very rich pie, it will help you take a lot of money to the bank. The state of New York also has many other regional wealth concentrations, all contributing to this #1 spot on the list.

Texas – $72,000+

Texas is home to several of America’s largest cities, and municipalities like Austin and Houston are growing quickly. With so many people pouring into the state for tech, energy, and medical jobs, it makes sense that the city ranks so high on this list.

Hawaii – $72,000+

Unlike Texas, Hawaii has minimal land and real estate inventory. It is an expensive place in which to live, and those who buy properties in Hawaii do so at great expense. Agents in Hawaii can expect solid incomes.

Alaska – $71,000+

Alaska is unlike Hawaii in most ways, except for its limited population and population centers. Where there are developed locations in Alaska, real estate is highly desirable. Agents can make strong incomes due to hotly-competitive sales.

Rhode Island – $70,000+

Boasting several key wealth center regions, Rhode Island may be a small state. However, it is one with concentrated and desirable real estate markets.

California – $68,000+

California is a huge state with very different real estate markets, depending on the area. San Francisco has some of the highest real estate prices in the world. Inland communities have lower prices that bring the average agent income in the state somewhat lower, but California still ranks as a state with one of the highest agent incomes.

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