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Will Bitcoin Real Estate Sales Double Year Over Year?

Will Bitcoin Real Estate Sales Double Year Over Year?

Despite bad prices in cryptocurrency markets, people are still using Bitcoin to buy things. BTC payment application Bitpay is one of the most important payment solutions, giving users access through Bitcoin to markets that used to accept only dollars and other “fiat” currencies. Furthermore, while you might have heard about people using Bitcoin to pay for coffee and pizza, an increasing number of individuals are buying homes and commercial properties this way. The question is: are Bitcoin real estate payments a flash in the pan, or will Bitcoin real estate payments double year over year?

Bitpay Application

Bitpay is the world’s biggest Bitcoin payments app. Merchants all over the globe use this solution to accept cryptocurrency for all kinds of purposes, mainly for small purchases. As of 2019, Bitpay is on track to double its transactions year on year.

Bitcoin Solutions for Real Estate

Bitpay is arguably the most recognizable name in town for real-world payments. However, real estate specifically is dominated by other key players. Propy is one such player riding the new wave of the digital era. Not only does Propy allow users to purchase properties with digital coins, but it also secures all real estate transaction communications, documents, and funds on the blockchain.

This all-in-one model makes it possible to buy or sell a real estate asset remotely, in as little as a few hours. Contracts can be virtually signed, and all title and collaborative work completed digitally. Propy’s transaction management platform makes it possible to complete the property closing process with absolute security (via blockchain technology), something that would never have been possible for transaction management platforms that were using servers or the cloud. Before long, blockchain may be the new global standard for buying and selling real estate.

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