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2022 Wins for Propy

As we close out a year of drastic market turbulence, Propy is proud to share some grand steps forward in the world of real estate.

We are filled with gratitude for the community unwavering support! Your trust has enabled us to spread our mission far and wide while re-engineering real estate through groundbreaking technological innovation.

Our initiatives have been geared toward providing a streamlined and efficient closing process with Propy & educating people on how blockchain technology can revolutionize the housing industry. Our goal is to keep polish data integrity for the smart contracts in the closing process and fight wire and title fraud and provide buyers with a secure and simple experience.

After our Mid Year Update it is time to take a look at a few important highlights from the second half of 2022:

  • • PRO token was listed on one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges – Coinbase.
  • • New iOS app release to give consumers a better home buying and selling experience! Some of the updates include the ability to get an MLS or an off-market home evaluated by real estate agents instantly at their visit.
  • • The Meta Agent Course was released. The course curriculum covers virtual world fundamentals, guided tours of the most popular and advanced worlds, buying and selling property within specific worlds, and more. Metaverse tech will impact real estate drastically, consumers will buy even real homes via virtual worlds using tech like Propy Title&Escrow. And thus education, and onboarding of real estate professionals to this space is incremental.
  • • The First NFT Avatars designed specifically for Real Estate and Metaverse Fans. The collection comes with a ton of utilities including free access to the Propy Summit, free access to the Meta course, and more.
  • • Another success! In October we held our Web3 and Real Estate Summit #WRES2022 in Miami! We had attendees and speakers come from all over the country and highlighted speakers like Chris Smith, Anthony Pompliano (Pomp), Tony Giordano, and Michael Arrington, while in March we were joined by the Mayor Francis Suarez and Tom Ferry.

Looking ahead to 2023, let’s explore the fascinating figures that are on the horizon for 2022:

  • Propy Title and Escrow closed over $100m deals seamlessly and securely on blockchain, adding full cycle to closings to the rest of the $1bn volume in sales via Propy platform in 2022.
  • • 11 new people joined our team. Our team is rapidly expanding with the addition of accomplished industry professionals, including experts in web3 engineering, UX/UI, customer success, and sales. We can’t wait to see what amazing things this new talent will bring!
  • • $5 billion processed on our transaction platform up to date. This wouldn’t have been possible without your trust!
  • • Over 500 transactions were done on Propy’s blockchain registry.
  • • 339,309 unique users visited
  • • The Propy community is growing! We have over 120k supporters now, consisting of 50k consumers and 70k real estate agents.
  • • 2,000 buyers reached out to Propy to find a home or a real estate agent.
  • • 1,083 sellers asked Propy to assist to sell their property in 2022 so far.
  • • 1,045 new agents have been crypto certified and counting.

Propy stays on course and continues to press forward with ambitious new initiatives. Building and maintaining trust is integral to Propy’s mission. Let’s keep our efforts aligned together. We sincerely appreciate your commitment as we strive to drive innovation together!

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