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January 2023 with Propy

January was a busy month for us here at Propy, with plenty of news and updates rolling in.

We developed many new platform features allowing our customers to experience maximum efficiency in their real estate transactions. Our advanced blockchain technology continues to pave the way for a more secure, transparent, and cost-effective way to buy and sell properties.

Let’s wrap up all of the news that kept us productive during the first 30 days of 2023.

Our CEO is the #38 Top Women Leader

We are delighted to celebrate our CEO, Natalia Karayaneva’s remarkable accomplishment of making this year’s Swanepoel Power 200 list (SP 200). This esteemed list, published annually, is a compilation of the most influential people in real estate by T3 Sixty, a top real estate research organization. It recognizes the accomplishments of industry leaders who have shaped the business over the past 12 months and also looks ahead to identify those who will have a significant impact in the coming years.

Natalia’s relentless dedication and pioneering spirit have led the industry to greater heights and mark another immense milestone that Propy is thrilled to celebrate.

Crypto Certified Agent Course Update

All lessons in our Crypto Certified Agent have been professionally recorded for better user experience, and are designed to give real estate agents an edge in today’s highly competitive market. In addition, we have added new lessons to help equip real estate professionals with the information needed to build better businesses that meet changing customer needs in a secure way.

How to NFT a property – knowing how to handle these transactions can be incredibly valuable for real estate professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on this emerging trend.

Understanding DeFi – (decentralized finance) – which is changing financial markets through disruptive technologies such as smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). With DeFi removing intermediaries from the equation, users can access financial services without depending on centralized institutions like banks or governments. This leads to more transparent transactions with lower fees and faster settlements than traditional models.

Crypto mortgages – another area where blockchain technology is revolutionizing traditional lending practices. Knowing how these mortgages work can open up new opportunities for buyers and sellers in today’s market while providing an alternative option that may be more attractive than traditional financing methods.

Inman Access & Propy

We are thrilled to share that our Crypto Certified Agent course is now featured at Inman Access – expert-led sessions designed to expand real estate professionals’ skills. With that, we pave our mission to educate real estate professionals on the emerging trends in real estate.

Propy comes to Hawaii

Our team is headed to one of the most beautiful islands in the world – Hawaii to spread knowledge about blockchain, crypto, and its impact on real estate. Our CEO Natalia Karayaneva will hold a live class for real estate agents in Honolulu, Hawaii, at Ala Moana Hotel on March 22.

This course is offered through our partnership with Hawaii State DCCA Real Estate Commission (Course Number C43598). It counts for 5.0 C.E. Elective Credits and is an interactive experience that gives a deep understanding of how these technologies are transforming the real estate industry, allowing agents to provide up-to-date advice to buyers, sellers, and investors.

Early Bird Access is available now here.

Exclusive Discord Channel for MetaAgent x Shredders holders

The metaverse is an endless journey, especially for MetaAgent x Shredders holders. Bridging the gap between the real and the virtual worlds, as a member of Propy’s core community we invite MetaAgent x Shredders NFT holders to join our inner circle in Discord.
Be the first to know about our new releases and drops, join exclusive meet-ups, exchange ideas, collaborate, and get to know each other while communicating about the collection’s future.

Steps on how MetaAgent x Shredders holders can join the special Discord channel:

  • 1. Join our Discord server.
  • 2. Go to channel “nft-verification”.
  • 3. Connect their wallet to verify that they are a MetaAgent x Shredder holder.
  • 4. Welcome to the exclusive channel for MetaAgent x Shredders only.

The MetaAgent x Shredders comes with unique utilities including:

  • • Free ticket to all Propy upcoming events.
  • • Free access to the Meta Agent Course.
  • • Licensed Wallet presented in Propy Registry.
  • • Seat on a DAO committee.
  • • Member of Propy’s core community.

New Propy Platform Features

Propy Profile Setup

Users can now convert their profile to an agent’s profile, confirm phone numbers and list market locations, use password and 2FA setup, see their PRO balance and earn rewards, and be part of Propy Agent Directory.

Propy Messaging Feature

With this tool internal transaction notes with team members, agents can easily engage with their clients on a secure platform, communicate with transaction participants, request and share documents with a few clicks, invite deal participants with a single click, and manage transaction-related chats.

Collaborator Feature in Offer Management

Using this feature agents can give clients – both buyers and sellers – greater visibility and transparency, allow a team member access to selected listings on the dashboard in order to work together, and change access permissions and notifications with ease.

Sign with DocuSign in Offer Management

Thanks to this feature agents can save time by having everything in one location, securely sending offers with documents through Propy vs email attachments, and signing documents when accepting or confirming the terms of an offer.

Seller Net Proceeds

This feature offers to calculate net proceeds automatically for sellers – agents can enter them once and have them automatically calculated so to make it easy for clients to compare.

Proof of Funds for Crypto Assets

Propy can verify buyers’ crypto funds before a home purchase and prepare a balance statement that can be shared with real estate agents or sellers.

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